Our service

We understand how precious your wedding dress is and how important it is to to feel confident on your wedding day. We are with you every step of the way and by discussing every aspect of your gown, together with our attention to fit and detail we will make THE dress YOUR dress.

Communication is essential to helping us get it perfect for you. Only you know how your dress feels, so we encourage you to let us know if there is anything you’d like to change or a certain way you’d like to feel. We’ll give advice where necessary and listen closely to what you want and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

What to expect

We recommend three wedding dress fittings (usually 30 minutes) with your final fitting with everything complete roughly 2 weeks before the wedding. We require at least 2 weeks between fittings meaning we recommend starting alterations roughly 8-12 weeks before the wedding.

We can accommodate shorter timescales on request, however these can incur an additional fee if we need to arrange overtime etc.

In the first fitting we discuss all the changes required to make your gown fit beautifully along with any modifications you wish to make. We will take a series of measurements, including your bust/waist/hip measurements and your height in your wedding shoes in order to make accurate alterations. We will then work out a quote for you based on our experience of how long various tasks take and if you are happy for us to proceed we’ll book you in for subsequent fittings.

The second fitting is to check on progress. At this stage everything is just tacked so you can see the final look but all changes can be reversed. This allows further adjustments before completion.

The final fitting is roughly 2 weeks before the wedding and all work is complete. This fitting is to check that we are completely happy with everything before your dress is steamed ready for collection one or two days before your wedding.

Please bring your chosen underwear and shoes to every fitting.

Customising your gown

We are specialists in our field and welcome bigger projects too. If you have purchased a gown that is almost nearly perfect but requires some modification, or you’ve maybe fallen out of love with it, then we can discuss the options with you. Let us know that you wish to make changes and we’ll book you an hour long appointment with Charlotte so you can discuss all your ideas without any pressure.